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Stock up on fishing poles, live bait and netting.

Fishing Gear

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Prepare for Your Next Fishing Trip

Fill your tackle box at our bait shop in Ft. Collins, CO

Betty's Bait & Tackle started in 1972 as a bait shop for fishermen both young and old. Today, it remains a great place to get all your fishing supplies. You can also rent U-Hauls at the store and put your large items like boats and trailers up for sale in the space outside.

You can get your fishing and hunting licenses here. No matter what's in season, you can always pick up your license with us. We also sell park passes for all the state parks in Colorado.

Before you start your outdoor excursion, stop at our bait shop in Ft. Collins, CO.

Get all the fishing gear you need from us

Purchase your fishing gear from Betty's Bait & Tackle. We carry everything you might need on a fishing trip, such as:

  • Live bait, like nightcrawlers
  • Tackle to attract fish
  • Fishing rods and rails
  • Strong nylon fishing line

Come to your one-stop shop for fishing gear in Ft. Collins, CO now.

Shop locally next time you go fishing

Even though this family-oriented bait shop has changed ownership, it remains as loyal to the community as it has been since 1972. When you walk in, you're greeted by our friendly staff and advised about the best bait to use for whatever you're hoping to reel in.

Whether you're a veteran of the lake or you're about to embark on your first fishing trip, you can find bait and gear at our store. We'll help you find something that's sure to get you some nibbles.

Visit our bait shop in Ft. Collins, CO today to pick up all the supplies you need.


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